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Pitching Big or Pitching Small?

Ralph Kramden was always pitching BIG. There must be a dozen episodes in which he dreams up a new way to make a financial killing. And when he pitches those ideas to his pal Norton, or as in the picture, … Continue reading

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If a PowerPoint Sucks…It’s The Messenger, not the Medium

Many have wished for and striven for the death of the powerpoint presentation.  I have always disagreed with this point of view.  There is no doubt that most power point decks are terrible and yes, should be killed.  However, it … Continue reading

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Every Business is an “L” Business

Ah, the “L” word. No, not “love”. The other “L” word. You know the one…the one that puts startup founders into an internal rage.  The one that signals to the founder that the person using the word finds their business … Continue reading

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Being Small is Not a Strategy for Beating Your Competition

A meaningful percentage of my startup clients have no respect for their competition.  Too many first-time founders have bought the story that big existing companies in their space are too slow to be a competitive threat.  Or that “existing competitors aren’t as … Continue reading

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Hey! Are You Trying To Be Some Kinda Why’s Guy?

You may already be familiar with Simon Sinek’s perspective on the fundamental reason why some companies succeed and some companies fail. If you are not, you’re missing an important business thought and I’m here to help…here is a link to … Continue reading

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American Independence…The Greatest Entrepreneurial Venture Ever (reprise)

I want you to think about something. It is July 3, 1774.  You own about 600 acres of farmland.  You essentially run a medium -sized agricultural business and employ some 60 people.  You have 4 children and a pregnant wife.  Massachusetts, … Continue reading

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Build Your Companies…With Good Boards

Most of the new founders I’ve ever met roll their eyes when I suggest that they form an advisory board.  One of the main reasons people found their own companies is to have supreme magisterial control over their empire.  They … Continue reading

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