Farmville in the English Countryside? How innovative?

I’m currently reading the ebook by Tyler Cowen called “The Great Stagnation”  ( and its general theme is that the easy rapid gains in GDP, income and other indicators of a growing economy in America, are gone.  And have been gone since the 1970’s.  I highly recommend the book to you.  It only costs $3.99 and it will make you think about innovation and how it drives our nation. 

Of course, you could instead spend your $3.99 on a big farmhouse in Farmville.  In the English Country, how lovely.  Now, when I read this article against the backdrop of Cowen’s book, I am struck that this is what he is talking about.  Our capital and brain resources are being sucked up by “innovation” like this puerile pablum.

There is plenty to disagree with in the short read, but your time will be well-spent.

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