It’s Not Where You’ve Been, But Where You’re Goin’.

One particular line in Vivek’s excellent article rang true for me reagarding the immigration policy in place currently.  “These workers can’t start companies, justify buying houses, or grow deep roots in their communities.”  As a person who has worked with well over 100 companies, I can tell you that entrepreneurs who start companies that begin to take root, take deep roots.  Their relationships with bankers, attorneys, employees, delis, and all manner of other relationships are not easy to disrupt.

My organization invests in great ideas and smart entrepreneurs.  Couldn’t care less where they’re from.  Where are they going?  That is what we focus on.  Our hope is that they go nowhere…geographically speaking, of course.  The Kerry-Lugar legislation is good policy and, wait a minute, what’s that??!!  It’s bi-partisan!  No surprise there.  When our federal legislators stop to think about the country as a whole, good ideas tend to emerge.

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Manager, Entrepreneurial Services at Ben Franklin Technology Partners in Northeast PA.
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