Yeah, We Need More Finish-Ups…

Excellent post from Don Dodge.

While he probably isn’t aware of us, Ben Franklin Technology Partners TechVentures, and other incubators, have been focused on finish-ups for a long, long time.  Our conversion rate of start-ups still in business after 5 years is 80%.  Our program is in a relationship with our client companies.  We’re in business to invest seed stage money in start-ups with finish-up potential.  Our obligation is to help grow our companies and create true value through innovation.  Jobs through technology. 

Surrounding the companies with smart, experienced people improves the odds.  And, frankly in my opinion, a long-term perspective helps improve those odds.  Private investors need to get in and get out…win or lose.  Sometimes the true value creator within a company takes some time simmer and emerge.  Smart public sector seed stage investors tee the ball up pretty well for the private sector to have a nice, clean shot to swing at. 

Head down.  Shoulders back.  Nice, easy finish.  At least that’s the plan.

About TechonomicMan

Manager, Entrepreneurial Services at Ben Franklin Technology Partners in Northeast PA.
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