Entrepreneurial Quarks…the Elementary Particle of the American Economy

Behold the quark…the real builder of the American economy.

Some of you may have recently read about the Higgs boson particle and how its potentially confirmed existence would explain how anything with mass (ie, everything that exists) is built.  Some of you may have also recently read about how President Obama doesn’t feel that entrepreneurs actually built their businesses, but that the businesses were actually built by everybody else.  My conclusion from reading about both recently is that, like me, the President was probably not very good at Physics.

Now, I don’t want to bore my precious few blog readers with an overly complex discussion of the Higgs boson particle.  Ok, the truth is I am not capable of providing an overly complex discussion of Higgs boson because, as I suppose was true for the President, I was not very good at Physics.  To totally bare my soul, I don’t even recall my 9th grade Physics teacher’s name.  In fact, I was probably too busy daydreaming about the girl in the tight angora sweater who sat in front of me in Physics in 9th grade to pay any attention to anything else.  I do remember her name.  But I digress.

What I’ve learned in the past few weeks about Higgs boson is that world-renowned physicists believe that this little bugger is essentially the reason that things are able to exist.  The Higgs boson is thought to be the granddaddy of all elementary particles, existing in a family of particles that include other bosons, leptons and my favorite: Quarks.  Without the Higgs boson and a few other elementary particles like quarks, nuclei could not exist. Without nuclei, atoms could not exist. Without atoms, molecules could not exist.  Quarks and bosons and family are the smallest known things…it is believed that they are not comprised of other things but simply…are.  And because they exist, they have a mysterious power to build other things.  In other words, all things exist because of these most elementarily elemental of elements.

I believe the economy works that way too.  I may have struggled in Physics, but I did pretty well in Economics.  I believe that the world economy, like the universe, exists because it is composed of increasingly smaller components like national economies and currencies and natural resources.  They in turn are organized and exist, through the existence of roads and bridges, and internet infrastructure and usable sources of energy.  They in turn are produced and delivered through corporations and employees and taxes paid by them both.  And at the core, at the most elementarily elemental of all the economic elements in the world are entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs are the quarks of the world economy.  They just are.

My fundamental belief is that the world economy exists thanks to the basic entrepreneurial particles and not the other way around.  These particles, like quarks, have mysterious behaviors that, when operating in the aggregate, provide profound changes in the universe around them.  Why these elements would risk financial distress, familial bliss and more than two good nights sleep in a row is unknown, but there is a theory.  The theory of the entrepreneurial quark is something like this…through a desire to improve the condition of their neighbors, and a willingness to pursue their own long term interests by deferring their short term interests,  these entrepreneurial quarks have built quite the universe.

In summary then, all natural things in the world exist thanks to quarks and all man-made things in the world exist thanks to entrepreneurs.  From the bottom up…not from the top down.  If you believe that it actually happened the other way around, well…you’re simply ignoring the basic laws of physics and of economics.

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1 Response to Entrepreneurial Quarks…the Elementary Particle of the American Economy

  1. shahri says:

    enjoyed reading your comments. But I beg to differ slightly. There is a new theory called string theory ( I just saw a PBS documentary on it) that is supposed to explain the quarks (which even though I was good at physics, I do not get).

    As for entrepreneurs, usually we are driven not so much as the intent to help our neighbors, but having identified an unfulfilled need to make something out of it. That something could be;
    1- solve a problem we have encountered, such as a better search engine hence Google,
    2- to make a living, cause we can not find a job, or do not get paid enough, or fired.
    3- Revenge or prove a point (both good and bad) which explains both types of inventions . those that improve our living standards Vs those that kill us.
    In my case the logic behind the few ventures I have started, included all three above reasons.

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