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Entrepreneurship…Highway of the Future!

I’d like to suggest a new way for governments to look at seed stage technology company funding.   I’d like to suggest that state governments in particular think about funding seed stage tech companies in the same way that they … Continue reading

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The Secret Energy of Entrepreneurs

I disagree with those who believe that people can be trained to be entrepreneurs. Scores of scholarly pieces have been written that claim that entrepreneurs are not born, but instead are trained to be good entrepreneurs.  In fact I’d say that … Continue reading

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Ohhhhh. I Get It Now. You Said Valuation…I Thought You Said Value.

I am obviously slower than I thought I was.  And I’m certainly slower than the capital aggregators known as Silicon Valley venture capital.  They understood long before I did that early stage company investing is NOT about the value of … Continue reading

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Q. Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? A. To Get to a Real Incubator.

Yesterday I received an email from an entrepreneur who wrote: “I am launching a startup in the mobile/social media/sales & e-payments/arts & networking arena this summer and am looking to get into an accelerator.”  Rather than try to figure out what … Continue reading

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The Difference between “Should Do” and “Have To”

Those of us not directly involved with the incidents surrounding Penn State this week will never truly know what happened.  We won’t know who all knew what.  We won’t know who told who what and when.  We won’t know who … Continue reading

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