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Every Business is an “L” Business

Ah, the “L” word. No, not “love”. The other “L” word. You know the one…the one that puts startup founders into an internal rage.  The one that signals to the founder that the person using the word finds their business … Continue reading

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Hey! Are You Trying To Be Some Kinda Why’s Guy?

You may already be familiar with Simon Sinek’s perspective on the fundamental reason why some companies succeed and some companies fail. If you are not, you’re missing an important business thought and I’m here to help…here is a link to … Continue reading

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My Podcast with SSTI – Ben Franklin wins National Entrepreneurial Capacity Builder of the Year 2012

  We were delighted to win this award last year and had a chance to talk about it with Phillip Battle of SSTI.  SSTI is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving government-industry programs that encourage economic growth through the … Continue reading

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Can Humanity Be Saved From Instant Replay?

Global life is increasingly obsessed with instant replay of all types.  In the pre-digital days, the extent of instant replay for use in judging actions and words by people, was largely limited to newspaper editorial pages.  If enough readers read … Continue reading

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