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How Do You Coach This Stuff? — Does GroupOn Prove Profitability is Obsolete?

Somewhere along the way, I’ve been miseducated.  Or, perhaps, I misunderstood my education.  Whichever it is, I’ve been wrong about a fundamental element of business.  And now, hundreds of entrepreneurs I’ve worked with and advised are paying the price. I’m … Continue reading

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Is Y Combinator Building Value or Just Guessing?

When I read the attached article discussing the best of Y-Combinator companies, I struggled to see companies with much intrinsic value.  If you read into this article and click on some of the links for the companies, you may find something that you … Continue reading

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Can Sock Puppets Be Far Behind?

Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999.  Ahh, the good old days of sock puppets, inflated valuations and excess cash available to start-ups with eyeballs.  I’m sure it is just sour grapes on my part, working too hard to help … Continue reading

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Ben Franklin incubator needs more space

Nice coverage of our TechVentures expansion…LV start-up economy is thriving,0,661194.story

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Farmville in the English Countryside? How innovative?

I’m currently reading the ebook by Tyler Cowen called “The Great Stagnation”  ( and its general theme is that the easy rapid gains in GDP, income and other indicators of a growing economy in America, are gone.  And have been … Continue reading

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Seed stage investing back in vogue?

I’m glad to see that true seed stage investing seems to be coming back into vogue.  With so many large VC funds lamenting the lack of gigantic exit opportunities, I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a quicker move in the … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania needs to remain a leader…

A few years ago, the Youngstown, Ohio ABC-television news crew came to Bethlehem to do a story about how successful we are at launching tech companies.  Our community was able to recover from the implosion of the American steel industry, … Continue reading

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First post

Let it be known throughout the land that this blog will post thoughts about starting and running a young technology company.  And about good technology based economic development policy, stimulating innovation and America’s future.

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