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Q. Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? A. To Get to a Real Incubator.

Yesterday I received an email from an entrepreneur who wrote: “I am launching a startup in the mobile/social media/sales & e-payments/arts & networking arena this summer and am looking to get into an accelerator.”  Rather than try to figure out what … Continue reading

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We Better Define Success Before Declaring It

Ten years ago, in my office, I was fortunate to have observed an “A-HA!” moment that pops back into my head more than once in a while.  In my office was a very well known and successful venture capitalist and … Continue reading

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Guy Kawasaki on the VC model

Guy Kawasaki is an outspoken guy who helped Apple develop its fanatical following and has successfully built his own brand.  He was on a panel in the UK recently at an event called “Learning Without Frontiers”.  In the video, he … Continue reading

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Y You Can’t Build a Business in 3 Months

If you are reading this blog post, you’re probably familiar with Om Malik and his blog GigaOm.  He’s basically turned tech industry reporting into a business.  This excellent post, “From Start Up to Business, A Long Strange Trip”, reminded me … Continue reading

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Is Y Combinator Building Value or Just Guessing?

When I read the attached article discussing the best of Y-Combinator companies, I struggled to see companies with much intrinsic value.  If you read into this article and click on some of the links for the companies, you may find something that you … Continue reading

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